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Why the National Popular Vote is Undemocratic

Make Our Vote Count advocates for proportional allocation of California’s Electoral College votes.  Simply explained, the candidates for president will receive Electoral College votes from California based on the percentage of the state popular vote received.  This allows for the most democratic representation of the voters of California.  It ensures the will of ALL Californians, […]

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What is the Electoral College?

The Electoral College isn’t an institution of higher learning, but rather the method by which we Americans elect our president and vice president. Yet is is so often misunderstood that you’d think you needed four years of college to comprehend how it works and why it is necessary.

Currently, the United States vote for president (and […]

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Power to the People

Our media is often the most destructive influence in modern politics. For all the good it may do in keeping us informed about the world around us, it does much more harm to our democracy when we let the media determine how we think and how we vote.

We all like to be informed as to […]

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The Electoral Debacle

No political issue in California, and thus the entire country, is singularly more consequential to voters than reforming California’s Electoral College.

Make Our Vote Count is an initiative to be placed on the 2014 California state ballot that would replace the existing winner-take-all method with a system that distributes California’s 55 Electoral College votes based on […]

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We are the Golden State

The Make Our Vote Count campaign is a state ballot initiative effort to reform California’s Electoral College from winner-take-all to proportional allocation.  This is a nonpartisan effort intent on making California relevant in presidential elections, while providing the opportunity for a viable third party to gain Electoral College votes, increase voter turnout, and enfranchise the […]

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