Changes existing law which awards all of the State’s electoral votes to the presidential and vice-presidential winners of the popular vote within California, and instead divides and assigns electoral votes to the candidates according to their share of the popular vote. Requires each presidential elector to live in California. Requires Secretary of State to determine the percentage of the popular vote received by each candidate and certify to each candidate and political party the number of electoral votes won by each candidate. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: No direct fiscal effect on state or local governments.



Voter Benefits:



We filed the Make Our Vote Count initiative to make California more relevant in presidential elections. Despite our 55 Electoral College votes, which are more than in any other state, Democrat and Republican presidential candidates ignore us and only come to California when they need money. We’re tired of political parties using California as an ATM, withdrawing money only to spend it in other battleground states.



We Californians need the Make Our Vote Count Act to become law so the distribution of our 55 electoral votes matches the popular vote of California voters. The current winner-take-all system ignores the votes of millions of California voters and denies third-party candidates even a remote chance to earn a single electoral vote. When our electoral votes reflect our popular vote we will see presidential candidates campaigning in California again.



We believe in a strong, inclusive democracy that makes every vote count and embraces third party participation. Proportional allocation is the most fair and democratic method of Electoral vote allocation, and California will shine as an example of fair voting practices.



The diverse citizens of California will all benefit from this initiative because all our voices will be heard and our votes for president will never again be ignored. With the Make Our Vote Count Act as law, we will make California relevant, and add it to the list of battleground states that determine who will be our next president.





We are California!

The Make Our Vote Count Initiative citizen’s committee is a non-partisan collective of individual Californians who believe in the independent power and importance of our vote. We believe that each individual vote should be counted and that our voices should be heard. We advocate proportional allocation for our Electoral College, to choose how we appoint our state’s electors in a presidential election. “It’s not a party unless we’re all invited!”

We believe the Democrat party takes California for granted, assured that they do not have to work to earn our votes. The Republican party writes off the Golden State as a political loss. Both focus on the other “more important” battleground states, and in the process, our existing winner-take-all system unfairly erases the votes of millions of Californians.

Third parties have absolutely no chance of winning any Electoral College votes, in spite of the fact that many independent-minded California voters do not identify with either of the two main political parties.

We know that proportional allocation of our Electoral College votes will force politicians to come to California to campaign and listen to us, instead of simply coming here to raise money at $1000 a plate events in a few wealthy cities, and then leaving California to spend those funds in other “battleground states.”

Californians deserve better! California is a large and diverse state with many important economic and social issues facing us; these issues MUST be taken seriously by national candidates and political parties. Through proportional allocation, we will assert our power as the largest state in the Union. California has the 13th largest economy IN THE WORLD. We Californians understand our significance to the United States- WE deserve to be heard, and our vote must be represented fairly and democratically!

It’s time for political parties and candidates to listen to the PEOPLE of California, and not just the special interests, big buck lobbyists, and corrupt “service” group leaders. We choose not to blame politicians for ignoring us, but instead stand up for ourselves to MAKE OUR VOTE COUNT!

It’s time to turn the Golden State into a Battleground state!


This is a Fair Vote initiative; it guarantees that EVERY VOTE COUNTS at the exclusion of none. No other system, including the popular vote, does this.
It will force Democrats and Republicans to come to California to earn votes, rather than simply use CA as a political ATM to raise funds to spend in other states.
This is a state initiative – each state has it’s own constitutional right to appoint electors as they see fit. We are focused on California.
This is not backed by Republicans or Democrats or any other party. This is a grassroots People’s Initiative. It is a VOTER-focused initiative with the VOTER as the SPECIAL INTEREST. The Make Our Vote Count Act gives the VOTER the choice and the voice.
Each candidate will receive Electoral College votes based on the percentage of the popular vote they receive. Proportional allocation maintains the integrity of the Electoral College while honoring the popular vote and will of the people.
All eligible Californians will be able to confidently vote, and know that their vote will matter in determining the final outcome of the election.
All California voters, regardless of political party affiliation, will have their voices heard and their votes counted.